The Rate Matters!

Moving with a long-distance moving company is great. The rate will make or break your experience.

Mistakes happen. When you are entering inventory, it’s hard to get absolutely everything. Missing a few items can be of no harm unless the rate is exorbitant.

The best way to go is with a mover who can provide the industry standard services for a competitive rate per cubic foot. You want to stay on the realistic side and it does not hurt to make side by side comparisons. Make these comparisons after you have vetted the company on the FMCSA as a carrier. You don’t want to end up in the hands of a broker.

Working with a broker leaves you susceptible to rate changes on items and services not included in the estimate. As such, it’s crucial that you work directly with a carrier if at all possible.

Get Real About Estimated Cubic Feet

Do some simple math. You are being charged per cubic foot. Cubic feet is l x w x h. Don’t forget to add the height. Especially if you are in a storage unit.

Small Conclusion

Do your very best to find low rates but certainly don’t work with a broker. A little math will go a long way.