Commercial Move

If you are looking to move an employee:

It’s very often that you find yourself needing to move an employee. This is the case for existing employees and new recruits. As the owner or HR rep as the business, it’s up to you to figure out the best cost to service ratio. We know better than most businesses (especially software, sorry software..) that saving on cost is essential. The more money you can save the better and the more your business will flourish. This is why we take a no-nonsense approach. All we need from you is an ACCURATE inventory from the employee, dates, requested services, and a reservation. We will meet your needs and you will save big.

If you are being moved by your company:

You, chosen one, have been sent to do your own diligence on the relocation. Yes, the company is paying but there is a budget (As there should be). The same no-nonsense approach we would take working with the owner or HR rep of your company is the same approach we will take with you. We need to know the facts. What matters the most to move? What services do you require? Do you need storage? For how long? Be transparent with your rep so they can guide you on the best service for the budget.

What’s included in a Standard Full Service Move:

  • Detailed Itemized Inventory list on the move date.
  • Taxes, Tolls, Fees, Labor, and Fuel Surcharge.
  • Basic Disassembling and Assembling of Basic Furniture.
  • Full Standard Valuation Protection at a rate of 0.60 per pound per article.
  • Special Moving Blankets to Wrap and Protect Your Non – Fragile Items.